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Further Update on Our Next CAT Practitioner Training Intake

Thanks to all who have submitted applications for our 2020 CAT Practitioner Training in time for the initial deadline of 8th May.  We have contacted all those who have applied, with the news that unfortunately the training will now be delayed until 2021. 

You can read a statement from Dawn Bennett, Course Director, in the download below.



In this she outlines how the trainers’ group have considered pros and cons of an autumn 2020 start date.  However, on reflection, the preference is now to postpone the start date to Spring or Autumn of 2021 (date to be confirmed).

During this pause we plan to develop a range of new training materials.  These will include resources for blended learning, video based teaching materials, and supports for remote supervision and therapy.  We expect these are likely to form a greater part of future provision.  Our current cohorts will complete their training using these new materials and approaches.

Online interviews will go ahead as planned on 12th June for those who have already applied.

Please note that we welcome further applications for this intake.   We will arrange further interview dates in the summer.  If places remain, we may offer interviews again closer to the start of the course.

If you need any further information, then, as ever, do feel free to contact us.  We will of course update the website with any further updates.  You can follow us on Twitter – @CatalyseC – for pointers to news about this, and to stay connected with others in the CAT community.

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Offering CAT by Telephone and Video Conferencing

The Coronavirus situation has brought about many changes, challenges and adaptations for us all.  These include how services are offering  psychological therapies, including cognitive analytic therapy (CAT).  We have seen sweeping changes to therapy practice.  In other circumstances these may not have happened or may have evolved over a much longer period.

As a group of trainers we’re aware that the current circumstances will have had an impact on our practitioner trainees.  They may have had to pause training therapies, or deliver them over telephone or video platforms.

In addition to guidance provided by ACAT to its trainee and qualified members, we also wanted to provide some guidance. Steve Kellett and Dawn Bennett have therefore developed a presentation – Offering CAT by telephone and video conferencing – some principles for CATs & CAT Practitioner trainees – which has been shared with our practitioner trainees and their supervisors.  It includes some considerations for remote working which are specific to the relational nature of the CAT model.  To date feedback has been encouraging, and we hope to build on it further.

We are offering it more widely and you are welcome to download a copy.  Please note the copy below is an updated version which has been developed further in response to feedback.  This version includes reflective exercises to aid learning and application in your own context.


Steve Kellett has also produced a version of the presentation with a commentary.  You can can watch this at the link below:

We would be very pleased to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions on how this could be developed further.

To share your feedback,  or to join our mailing list so you can stay informed of other Catalyse events and resources,  contact Catalyse through our administrator Frances Free, or by clicking on this link.

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New Deadline for Applications for CAT Practitioner Training 2020


Please note there has been a further update to this post, on 11 May 2020, which confirms a postponement of this intake until 2021 – read more here.

This is an update from Dawn Bennett, Co-ordinator of the Catalyse CAT Practitioner Training Course, in light of the current situation concerning the COVID19 Coronavirus

In view of the unprecedented situation around Coronavirus there are many uncertainties for us all.  We are aware that potential applicants to our Practitioner Training intake this year may feel unsure about whether to apply, or whether we will run this year. Our intention is to run, however it is possible that there will be a delayed start to the 2020 course.

For those who submit an application by our original deadline of 8th May, we are currently uncertain if we are able to  interview in person on the original interview date of 12th June.  It may be that we will use video conferencing instead. We will respond to the changing situation and post updates on the website.

Additionally we will remain open to applications throughout the Summer.  A final applications deadline for the 2020 intake will be Friday 18th September – places permitting. For those applying after the initial 8th May deadline, we will arrange interviews once we are clearer about the situation.

We wish everyone all the very best for the coming months.

Dawn Bennett, Practitioner Course Co-ordinator

For more information about the 2020 – 2022 CAT Practitioner course intake and application process, click here.


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Need to Know More About CAT Practitioner Training?

Applications are now open for this year’s intake for our two year Practitioner Training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  This year we have had a record number of queries and applications ahead of the deadline on Friday 8 May 2020.

Full details about the training and application process can be found by following the link here.  This year we also include a more extended FAQs document.  This is based on discussions between new trainees and qualified graduates of the course.  Hopefully this will answer some more of the common questions posed as people consider applying for the course.

It covers a range of areas such as co-ordinating the timing and sequencing of different aspects of the training,  Managing the workload in the context of other demands is a common concern,  and some experiences and tips are provided.  Take a look at this alongside the course information provided at this link.

Obviously if there are other queries do feel free to get in touch. The Catalyse Adminstrator Frances Free may be able to advise you, or can pass your queries on to Sarah Littlejohn, Director for Recruitment, or Dawn Bennett, Course Director.

Find out more about Practitioner Training FAQ’s by clicking across to this page where you can read more and download the document.