Past Cafe CAT Events

Our first Café CAT took place on 11th October 2017 and was led by CAT psychotherapist and supervisor Clive Turpin. Clive started off a conversation on the topic:

What state are we in? Reviewing how states are incorporated into maps and our work

The group that gathered included CAT practitioners,  CAT psychotherapists, some just starting practitioner training, some about to complete it, and another psychological therapist who’d undertaken a placement using CAT during clinical psychology training.

You can read more about the meeting at Vikki Aadahl and Lucinda Bolger’s blog here.

The second Café CAT gathering on 24th January 2018 was also led by Clive Turpin, on the topic:

Exploring CAT tools, what’s kept post training?

A similar group, some returning and some new to the meeting, shared thoughts and experience on using and adapting standard CAT tools in training and beyond.  The discussion moved from letters, diagrams and monitoring tools to metaphor, stories and superheroes.  We thought about the therapeutic relationship and how we might consider this a key tool in CAT.

Clive Turpin reflects on these two events in his blog “Café CAT: The Story So Far”.  Read Clive’s blog by clicking here.

The third Café took place on 25th April 2018 was led by Suzanne Riddell, CAT practitioner & clinical psychologist.  Suzanne led a conversation exploring:

Similarities and differences between NHS and private therapy work.

The fourth meeting took place on 25th July 2018 and the focus for this was on sharing highlights from ACAT’s conference in Keele earlier in the month.

The fifth Café CAT meeting took place on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at a new venue, The Salutation Pub in Manchester.  This was led initially by  Rhona Brown  and the topic was:


This involved another wide ranging conversation drawing upon the experience of those attending, on how we relate to both hope and despair, what hope-promoting therapeutic  approaches participants had integrated helpfully within a cognitive analytic therapy framework, and what could help keep us buoyant as therapists in a challenging world.

We’ll update this page as more Café CAT events take place.  In the meantime you can catch up on any tweets about the meetings on the Twitter hashtag #CafeCatalyse.