Dawn Bennett

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I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and worked in the NHS for many years, latterly as Psychology Clinical Lead in Adult Community Mental Health in Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust. I am an ACAT accredited CAT psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. I am actively involved in CAT training being part of the team that established the CAT North/Catalyse Practitioner course. I hold the Course Director/Co-ordinator role, am currently Co-chair of Catalyse and lead other streams of our work.

I have taught and been ACAT Moderator for other CAT Practitioner Trainings in the UK. Early in my CAT career I conducted a PhD investigating how CAT therapists, working with clients who presented with borderline features, managed ruptures in the therapeutic alliance and derived a model of therapist competence. I published this work and subsequent research including the development of the C-CAT, a measure of competence in CAT skills.

I am Vice Chair of ACAT Training Committee, assisting with the management and delivery of ACATs portfolio of accredited trainings. In my NHS role I worked with individuals with a history of complex trauma and am particularly interested in the use of CAT as a model to conceptualise complex mental health issues in a way that provides a clear framework for teams. I have run CAT skills courses for generic mental health workers within my NHS role and other national courses and co-lead CPD workshops.


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