Training offered by Catalyse

Catalyse Training Enactment Resolution Image

Catalyse offers several types of training courses and resources, plus continuing professional development events.  Click on the headings below to learn more.

CAT Practitioner Training Course

CAT Training Films

Other training courses have been offered in the past and we hope to offer them again at a future date:

CAT Skills Case Management Training Course

CAT Supervision Training Workshop

Introduction to Cognitive Analytic Therapy

You can read more about different levels of ACAT-accredited CAT training, and what they qualify people to do, in ACAT’s document here. Levels-of-ACAT-accredited-CAT-training-and-what-they-qualify-you-to-do-Nov-19.pdf

To find out more about our continuing professional development workshops, visit our listing of forthcoming CPD events at this link.