Glossary of CAT Terms and Concepts

Glossary of CAT Terms & Concepts


At our Practitioner Course team away day in 2012 we, the Trainer’s Group, had an idea to create a glossary of CAT terms and concepts. It came out of the realisation that we often defined or answered questions about these key terms on training days, and the seven of us may all have given different responses. Although that is valuable, we felt that trainees probably preferred some consistency and clarity, especially initially in training.

The initial draft soon became far bigger a task than we expected and there was a risk that what was an idea for something simple soon looked like an introductory text. We pulled it back to basics again and placed some material in an appendix.

Glenys Parry created the first draft.  Dawn Bennett, Debby Pickvance, Sarah Littlejohn and Lawrence Welch gave comments, and Steve Potter added a little more. Some of our trainees gave comments too and we refined it in line with those. Mark Evans then edited and produced the final version.  Frances Free formatted it and produced it as a pdf. The final version became available in December 2013.  We offer it for you to download below.

Glossary of CAT terms and concepts V2