Personal Reformulation Packages

Personal Reformulation (PR) may be of interest to you as an individual, or organisations and services may be interested in exploring PRs for managers, staff, or trainees. In addition to supporting professional development for people in training – for example in clinical psychology training, CAT Foundation stage training, CAT Skills training – PRs can be arranged for teams learning at an introductory level how cognitive analytic therapy ideas can support their work. Others who may benefit incude those developing or consolidating leadership skills, people in caring and support roles, and those with an interest in promoting workplace wellbeing for themselves and their colleagues.

Please find below information to download about a range of Personal Reformulation Packages. If you want to find out more, read more on the All About Personal Reformulation page, read Jenny Marshall’s blog about Personal Reformulations in the Workplace, or feel free to contact us.

Different options for Personal Reformulation

Personal Reformulation for Leadership

Plesase contact us to enquire about PR packages for leadership development.

Personal Reformulation for Workplace Settings

Personal Reformulation for Caring Roles