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Catalyse CAT Training Films ~ Series 1 ~ Trailer 2

Catalyse has led a successful Practitioner Training course in cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) for over twenty-five years. Trainees and graduates consistently feed back the value of seeing therapeutic skills alongside theory and practice teaching. Skills demonstrations, trainer role plays and transcripts are rated highly for skills development.

In response to this feedback, the Catalyse CAT Practitioner course team produced an initial series of CAT training films with supporting materials. They are designed to support learning in the first year of Practitioner level training, and are suitable for Foundation level training in CAT. 

The films were planned and produced over 2017 and 2018, and the course team piloted them with a number of trainee cohorts.  They were then launched at our 2019 conference to celebrate 25 years of the course.

You can now subscribe to them on an annual or quarterly basis. 

Catalyse has also produced a second series of films ~ Advanced Skills in Cognitive Analytic Therapy ~ which will be available to stream soon.

What do the Series 1 training films demonstrate?

We wanted to produce a series of films which would realistically demonstrate the processes and skills involved in actually doing CAT. In order to do this, we decided to follow the journey of a client, Paul, and his CAT therapist, Lisa over the course of a sixteen session cognitive analytic therapy.  All the characters, and information relating to them, are fictional.

Although the acting is naturalistic and may seem improvised at times, all the films were tightly scripted to ensure full control over the content. It is important to highlight that the films do not show ‘perfect’ therapy.  They have been designed and developed to demonstrate ‘good enough’ therapy with the aim of provoking and informing discussion and reflection.  The supporting materials provide links between the content of each film and specific CAT concepts and skills.

How can the films and supporting materials be used?

The films were made in answer to a growing demand from people wishing to learn more about CAT. They were produced with a wide audience in mind, from individuals with prior therapeutic knowledge and health professionals interested in learning more about CAT, to teams both in and outside the health professions who would benefit from widening their knowledge of CAT and relational ways of working.

The films are suitable for both individuals who are new to CAT, and also those who wish to further develop and hone their skills.

The supporting documents are primarily adjunct materials to support learning in a range of settings, including

  • introductory workshops on CAT,
  • Foundation stage training in CAT and
  • CAT Practitioner training programmes.

They are suitable for other trainings, for example they may be used by courses demonstrating common themes in other models of psychological therapy.  However they are designed to be used by a trainer experienced in CAT.

In addition to use in face-to-face training settings, streamed material can be screen-shared for  remote and blended learning environments. 

What’s included?

  • Twelve professionally produced films illustrate the journey through a fictional sixteen session cognitive analytic therapy.
  • The films range in length from four to eleven minutes, utilising on-screen text and narration to highlight key CAT therapy processes, skills and learning points.
  • The films illustrate all key CAT principles and competences as described in the Competency in CAT CCAT measure, which is provided as a separate document.
  • A comprehensive pack of supporting materials provides detailed information and support for each film.
  • Supporting materials include both trainer and learner resources with summaries, learning objectives, suggestions for practical exercises, and learner reflection points.  These can be used in individual or group learning settings.
  • Also included are the CAT tools featured in the films;
    • the narrative reformulation (initial therapist letter),
    • CAT map/sequential diagrammatic reformulation, and
    • both client and therapist ending letters.
  • Clear links are made between the content of each film and specific CAT competences.
  • A comprehensive glossary of CAT terms and concepts is also included as a separate document.
  • You can download a summary of film titles and contents below.

Catalyse CAT Training Films – Full Pack Details

  • You can download an A4 flier about the films below

CAT Training Films Series 1 Flier June 2023

What have people said about the films?

After subscription became available in September 2020, an evaluation was carried out in December 2021.  This gathered feedback from people who had used the films as part of their training or learning experience.  You can read films feedback at this link.

What options are there for subscribing?

Option 1: Annual Subscription

This option is ideal for trainers or training organisations running regular specialist training courses in cognitive analytic therapy, including ACAT-accredited Practitioner level training, and Foundation level training.  The materials can be used in face-to-face, remote, and blended learning settings.

Organisational subscribers can also purchase direct trainee access to the materials for an additional administrative fee-per-head.  This enables learners to revisit and review the films in their own time, with added benefits for self directed study.  Feedback from some learners suggests this is valuable for integrating learning over the duration of a training course.

Option 2: Three Month Subscription

This option is ideal for trainers and training organisations who need video content and supporting materials for shorter, or more occasional, CAT-related courses.  Examples may include introductory courses on cognitive analytic therapy principles and approaches, or a specific topic such as reformulation skills or managing endings.  The materials can be used in face-to-face, remote, and blended learning settings.  Alternatively, the three month subscription may appeal to self-directed learners seeking materials to help support and scaffold their study of cognitive analytic therapy concepts and skills.


Series 1 OptionsSubscription TypeAllow you or your organisationCost
Option 1
Annual Subscription

Full access to 12 films to stream for 12 months, plus a pack of supporting materials
Option 2
Three Month Subscription

Full access to 12 films to stream for 3 months, plus a pack supporting materials

Add-on Option 3

Individual Learner Access
Please contact us with details of your requirements

Full access to the films for named learners registered with a subscribing organisation for the period of the subscription
£15.00 per head

For more details about films subscription Terms and Conditions, click on this link.

If you wish to discuss a longer term subscription arrangement, please contact us.

If you are already a subscriber, stream the films by signing in to your account and going to the Watch CAT Training Films page at this link.

To purchase

Go to the Catalyse shop to purchase a subscription to the training films.

If you have any queries or require more information, please contact the Catalyse Films administrator, Jane Spain.