ACAT National Association

ACAT National Association

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The Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT) is the national association for developing cognitive analytic therapy in the UK.  It has charitable status.  ACAT has a main council, a training committee and exam board.  It sets and monitors professional and ethical standards for those practicing cognitive analytic therapy.  Similarly, it sets and monitors standards for those providing training and supervision in the model.

ACAT accredits and monitors a range of training programmes in CAT, provided at twelve training centres around the country.  The Catalyse (CAT North) Practitioner Training is one of these.

Additionally ACAT supports and promotes continuing professional development, including hosting an annual conference.

Its open-access website is a rich source of information about CAT in the UK.  Members can access an extensive library of articles and materials relevant to CAT practice.

ACAT publishes a bi-annual journal, Reformulation.  This is available free of charge to members and friends of ACAT.  Articles from past issues of Reformulation are made available online to anyone visiting the ACAT website.

ACAT also helps to facilitate a number of special interest groups organised around particular topics, client groups or geographical areas.

ACAT promotes CAT to the wider public, offers a list of private practitioners, and also a list of accredited supervisors across the UK.

You can read ACAT’s summary about different levels of training in CAT and what qualifications they lead to, by downloading this summary document. Levels-of-ACAT-accredited-CAT-training-and-what-they-qualify-you-to-do-Nov-19.pdf

ACAT has about 900 members currently.  Details of the different types and costs of membership are available here.

ACAT is also on Twitter and you can follow them via @Assoc_CAT

How Does Catalyse Differ From ACAT?

Catalyse as an organisation is affiliated to ACAT, our Practitioner Training course is accredited by ACAT, and all associates are members of ACAT.  Some Catalyse Executive Commitee members and associates have held, or currently hold, formal roles in ACAT.

We are keen to support and nurture ACAT’s professional activities and networks.  Our CPD events and other informal learning and networking activities aim to complement the work of the national association.  However Catalyse is a separate and autonomous trading organisation.

Our geographical focus is the North of England rather than more nationally.

Catalyse has no regulatory powers over CAT practice.