In addition to being a therapy which people do, CAT is a clinical and managerial framework which people use for a wide range of work. It can be used in teams for:-

  • consultation
  • reflective practice
  • an extended assessment
  • team development
  • improving communications skills, or for
  • resolving difficulties in teams

It has been used to improve communication skills, manage challenging behaviour, develop therapeutic understanding and improve ward climate with in-patient teams. It has value as a general language for supervision and case discussion with multi-professional teams.

Catalyse associates include experienced trainers and consultants who can negotiate particular applications of CAT to develop team and organisational effectiveness, enhance existing work, or design and develop new aspects of service delivery.

CAT is a versatile approach to psychological and relational understanding. A distinctive mix of applications and developmental goals can be developed which are unique to each setting or organisation. A common working principle is to combine an external CAT consultant with one or more in house consultants. Service level agreements are a potential and helpful second stage of a consultancy or training programme of work.

If you have an idea that we might help with, or training and skills that you would like  developed in your team, please contact us.