Running a CPD event with Catalyse

CPD Event Suggestions and Proposals

Jo Coggins, CPD Lead

Would you like to run a CPD event with Catalyse? Our CPD Lead Jo Coggins is the first point of contact if you have ideas you’d like to develop as a CPD facilitator. She can help you shape them into an event proposal.

There may be an area of work you feel passionate about and would like to share your enthusiasm.  You might have a new development or application of CAT you want to introduce to CAT colleagues.  Your years of experience using CAT in a particular area, or around a specific topic, may be a valuable resource for others.

Perhaps you fall into one or more of those groups but would like to co-lead the event. If so, we can connect you with others to explore possibilities for a co-facilitator.

Next steps

Once you have developed a proposal, and the Catalyse Executive agree we can host it, it is advertised and promoted through our website. Our administrators Frances Free and/or Rebecca Carter handle all the administration and booking.

Face-to-face or online events?

Presenting online was necessary for periods because of pandemic-related restrictions. Even without such restrictions, the nature of your event may mean that it’s preferable to run it online. As a facilitator you can have guest access to our Zoom facility with all its functions.

We have access to a number of face-to-face venues where your event can take place. We can also consider other venue suggestions across the North of England.


Finally, as a CPD facilitator you will receive a standard daily fee for running the event. Catalyse can cover travel and overnight expenses if required.

So do please contact us if you are interested in facilitating a CPD event. Jo Coggins will be pleased to get back to you.