CAT Supervision Training Workshops

Catalyse offers mentoring and ACAT-accredited training in supervision.  It is well placed to do so as several trainers and Associates have contributed to key developments in relational supervision using the cognitive analytic therapy model.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust commissioned our first ACAT-accredited supervisor training course for nineteen CAT therapists in December 2016. This was with a view to supporting the development of CAT as a second model in local Clinical Psychology training courses.  You can read Uma Patel’s blog about attending the 2016 training here.

Catalyse has run a two day ACAT-accredited supervision training,  twice to date, in late 2017 and late 2019.  These included a follow up reflective group. Participants could use this to build on their learning and internalise relational supervision skills.

If you are interested in CAT supervision training with Catalyse, or would like more information about forthcoming courses, please contact us.