FAQs on Practitioner Training

You may have questions as you consider applying for our two year practitioner training in cognitive analytic therapy .  We are happy to discuss these with you if you contact us.

However we have also produced some information answering some of the most common queries.  This is based on discussions with new trainees and responses from people who have completed the training.  We hope it will give you an indication of trainee experience.

Download the full FAQs information by clicking on the document below.  The document addresses:

  1. How do you fit in the academic work with full time working/family life?
  2. Have you enjoyed the course?
  3. What have been the most challenging parts of the course?
  4. What happens if clients drop out?
  5. Is it difficult to pass the academic work?
  6. What if clients don’t consent to being audio recorded?
  7.  When is the best time to do the personal therapy?
  8. How did you find a venue for the seminar groups?
  9. How did you structure the seminar groups? Does it feel like a lot of reading, how do you find time for this?
  10. What is the role of the facilitator in the seminar groups, did I feel I was being assessed when the facilitator was present, how did our group make use of the facilitator being present?
  11. I live distant from the North of England – how does this impact supervision and seminars?
  12. Do I add CAT tools (map, letter) to the electronic clinical recording system at work? Are there issues of confidentiality and consent around this?
  13. Did I swap supervisor half way through? Would it be good to do this?
  14. How do I find a CAT qualified supervisor, can it be a current supervisor or psychotherapist, how do the groups work?
  15. When do I pay the training fees?
  16. I want to take CAT therapy now, or have had therapy 6 months ago – can this count?
  17. Any requirement as to who to select as a referee?
  18. Do I have enough clients?