Personal Reformulation Therapists

List of Catalyse Therapists providing Personal Reformulations

This list of profiles and contact details is current.  Click on the name for more details

Please note that during social distancing restrictions as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, some Personal Reformulation Therapists may only be able to offer remote (ie video-based) sessions.  Others may not be available currently.  We will update details as things change but in the meantime please contact individual therapists for details of their availability and options for meeting.

Image of Dee Fleming

Name Dee Fleming

Area Withington, Manchester & Online


Name Stephen Irving

Area Lancashire & Online


Image of Gemma Kothari

Name Gemma Kothari

Area Sheffield & Online


Name Jenny Marshall

Area Online (all geographical areas)


Image of Catalyse Associate and Personal Reformulation TherapistJayne Merrin

Name Jayne Merrin

Area Liverpool & Online


Name Karen Morgan

Area Manchester/Cheshire & Online


Image of Gleny Parry

Name Glenys Parry

Area Sheffield & Online


Image of Clive Turpin

Name Clive Turpin

Area Whalley Range, Manchester & Online


Image of Mandy Wildman

Name Mandy Wildman

Area Online


Image of Barbara Williams

Name Barbara Williams

Area Cumbria, Lancashire, the North West & Online


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