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Twelve films showing a journey through sixteen session CAT

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Film 1 : Introduction

The first film introduces Paul, a teacher who has been referred for CAT and Lisa, his therapist.

Film 2 : Target Problems

We observe Lisa and Paul during an early CAT session, where they are discussing Paul’s difficulties and agreeing target problems for the focus of his therapy

Film 3 : Target Problem Procedures

Lisa and Paul develop a target problem procedure together using his experiences as a child, with reflection on an event in therapy that illustrates this procedure

Film 4 : Reciprocal Roles

Paul talks about his relationship with his dad, whom he has always felt criticised by, leaving him feeling ‘not good enough’. This is similar to how he experiences a current relationship and Lisa uses these examples to develop a reciprocal role pairing, explaining the process to Paul in an accessible way.

Film 5 : Developing the SDR

We observe how Lisa and Paul work together to develop the SDR with Lisa scaffolding Paul’s understanding of how the target problem procedures reinforce and perpetuate the problematic reciprocal roles.

Film 6 : Reformulation letter

Lisa shares the reformulation letter with Paul, and we are able to see the main structure points of the letter highlighted on screen. The letter is shared in a way that sets the scene for a rupture in the next session.

Film 7 : Ruptures

The film features different parts of the session to highlight how Lisa and Paul explore the rupture and ultimately are able to use this to inform new ways of relating.

Film 8 : Zone of Proximal Development

Paul and Lisa develop the SDR further, with Lisa working within Paul’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) to scaffold his understanding of how the target problem procedures reinforce and help perpetuate his problematic reciprocal roles.

Film 9 : Boundaries (Recognition Part 1)

Paul has started to use a journal to aid his recognition of the target problem procedures. He and Lisa explore how the procedures impact his life including how they may occur in the therapy relationship.

Film 10 : Recognition (Part 2)

Lisa returns to work further with the examples of procedures from the previous session, specifically therapeutic boundaries.

Film 11 : Revision through recognition

This is the thirteenth therapy session, three sessions to go before the end of therapy.
Paul explains how he has started to recognise his procedures as they are happening, and describes how he has been able to revise a procedure he has been struggling with since the very first session.

Film 12 : Endings

We join Lisa and Paul in their final therapy session when Lisa shares her goodbye letter with Paul. The film details the suggested contents of a goodbye letter.  Paul responds to the letter, and the ending of the therapy and gives Lisa a goodbye letter he has written for her.

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