How we are organised


Catalyse is a virtual organisation without a centre or an office. It functions in an open and accountable way through face to face meetings, and also makes use of web-based and telephone conference resources.

Catalyse is overseen by an Executive Committee which meets regularly to agree direction and priorities.  Dawn Bennett is the current chair.  The Executive Committee co-ordinates a number of Catalyse activities, on which particular Executive members lead.  These include:

Professor Glenys Parry acts as Finance Director for Catalyse.  Risk and governance issues are a priority for all members, and we are supported with these issues via annual review by one of our Non-Executive Directors, Frank Margison.

We are also supported by Lawrence Welch and Mark Evans in Non-Executive Director roles.

All of our activities are supported by Ex-Officio member Frances Free , Catalyse administrator.