How we are organised


Catalyse is a virtual organisation without a centre or an office. It functions in an open and accountable way through face to face meetings, and also makes use of web-based and telephone conference resources.

Catalyse is overseen by an Executive Committee which meets regularly to agree direction and priorities.  Dawn Bennett and Glenys Parry are the current joint Chairs and also hold joint responsibility for Finance.

The Executive Committee co-ordinates a number of Catalyse activities, on which particular Executive members lead.  These include:

Risk and governance issues are a priority for all members, and we are supported with these issues via annual review by one of our Non-Executive Directors, Frank Margison.

You can read about our Complaints Policy and procedures by visiting the page about this, or downloading a copy below.


We are also supported in all aspects of our work by Lawrence Welch and Mark Evans in Non-Executive Director roles.

All of our activities are supported by Ex-Officio member Frances Free , Catalyse administrator.