Rhona Brown

RhonaBrownI qualified as a cognitive analytic therapy practitioner in 2010.   In my core profession, I qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1989 and have since worked mainly in primary care and outpatient NHS settings. This has been mainly in inner city areas, with adults who have complex mental health needs.  In addition to CAT I also draw on a range of other approaches which inform my work, including psychodynamic interpersonal therapy (PIT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CPT) and solution focussed therapy.

I’m interested in social context, inequalities and how mental health services can better respond to the needs of diverse communities. I’ve led a number of training and service development initiatives aimed at enhancing accessibility of services, including close collaboration with third sector agencies.   CAT has been a useful model for tying together these areas of interest.  I enjoy exploring how CAT ideas can help facilitate more collective and community solutions to individual distress.

I currently work part time as a cognitive analytic therapist with Liverpool & Sefton YMCA, in a CAT-informed team offering a residential recovery service for people with substance use difficulties.  I also contribute to an NHS occupational health & staff support service.

I look after the Catalyse website and social media on behalf of the Executive Committee. This involves  tweeting, blogging, helping edit other peoples’ blog articles, and producing and updating other content.  I also work with ACAT to develop its social media presence and am currently leading on ACAT’s public engagement initiative.

I’m a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and am registered as a practitioner psychologist with the Health & Care Professions Council.


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Brown, R., (2011). Flowers by the Window: Imagining Moments in a Culturally and Politically Reflective CAT. Reformulation, Summer, pp. 6-8.