NHSE-funded Applications 2024

Information for applicants seeking funding for Practitioner Training through NHS England

Thank you for your interest in the Catalyse CAT Practitioner Course for October 2024 entry.

We can accept applications only from those NHS staff in the North West and Midlands who have approval from their Trust CPPO and/or NHSE Workforce, Training & Education regional lead.

For non NHS England applicants: the application deadline is 31st May 2024, with interviews taking place on 28th June 2024.

For those seeking NHS England funding: you will be informed by your Trust CPPO and/or NHSE Workforce, Training & Education regional lead if your application will be supported. We will then confirm an interview for those put forward by the Regional Leads.

We will indicate here on our website if and when we are able to receive any further applications.

Please note that we may not be able to respond to all enquiries at this early stage.

NHSE Applications – update

We are aware that many applicants will aim to seek NHSE funding but if not successful they will apply with employer funding. At this stage we can only advise that applicants prepare an application as the content is identical for each route. The NHSE section can also be completed awaiting sign off if this is approved for you. If you are not supported for NHSE funding we will not take that section into account when we read your application and consider you an applicant with another source of funding

As we move nearer to the closing date the number of NHSE places will be clearer and the local Trusts within each region will be informed if the staff they have put forward will be supported.

We will update the website if we have any further information that may help applicants in this position to know which route to say they are on. We are sorry but we cannot answer individual enquiries that relate to this due to the high volume of enquiries of this nature and that we can provide no advice other than this above.

If in the week before the closing date the outcome for those applicants wanting NHSE funding remains unclear we suggest you apply and indicate your position, if you are awaiting the outcome of NHSE funding and/or whether you have another source of funding.