Feedback on the CAT Training Films ~ Series 1

In December 2021 we asked people who had used the Catalyse Training Films about their experience of using them to support their learning about cognitive analytic therapy. Eighteen people gave us comments on an anonymous survey. They included trainee CAT therapists who had viewed the films as part of CAT Practitioner training, and trainee clinical psychologists who had seen them during their doctorate training courses. A small number of qualified therapists who had bought a subscription as part of their own personal learning also shared their views. All but two respondents were happy for us to share their comments publicly, as below.

Feedback included several themes:

The films helped make CAT language and concepts more manageable and accessible.

“The narration and the titles during the video were good to breakdown the components of what was being seen.”

I personally found the CAT videos a very helpful learning tool and hope to go back to these in the future. It was useful to see the application of CAT in practice with the voiceover noticing the key concepts. The videos being broken down into the manageable chunks was also helpful in gaining awareness of the structure of CAT and the stages you move through.

Helpful to see the process of CAT slowed down and explained.”

I find CAT concepts quite wordy and confusing so it was really helpful to see how the therapist introduced and explained these.

I found it really useful seeing CAT in practice as CAT language can be quite difficult to get your head around.

They were useful over time and at different stages of training

“It was great to see live examples of the different phases of therapy. I often referred back to the videos* depending on which stage of therapy I was delivering and in relation to the CAT practitioner training. I found it really useful that it covered the whole course of therapy.”

“Since you can never observe a real life therapy session, this was a great way of observing the CAT basics early in my training when I lacked confidence. By the end of the year it was helpful being able to rewatch the film noticing what I might have done differently.”

“Very useful to see some of the CAT tools in action and to watch in own time – and refer back to when needed!*”

(Those comments marked with an asterisk* were from learners whose course had purchased individual access to the training films so that they could view the films at any time over the duration of the subscription.)

The films and supporting materials complemented and enriched other aspects of training

The opportunity to see CAT ‘in action’ has complemented the teaching and reading and I feel it is a bridge between theory and practice and have found it to be an excellent resource and valued addition to training material and the literature.

Overall, I really valued the videos and think they provide a different way of learning which complements the teaching.

It really helped me put the information we had learnt in lectures into a clinical context. Helped me to see how CAT would work when seeing someone. Helped me to feel more confident going into a CAT placement.

It was helpful to see the application of CAT modelled through a case example

Seeing a live map in action was helpful to see how this is created. I think it was very reassuring and thoughtful to include aspects about therapeutic ruptures and repairs. This helped to normalise a real therapeutic relationship and demonstrate how challenges can be addressed throughout therapy.

Always helpful to have a case example particularly on the DClin course as we are learning about a new model of therapy.

I very much appreciate real examples, to bring teaching and text to life.”

More information about the Training Films

You can find out more about the Catalyse CAT Training Films by clicking on this link.