What do we provide?

CherylsNeglectedCatalyse puts new ideas into practice in safe, sensitive and creative ways.  Catalyse offers a range of services including professionally accredited training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  We also offer short courses, tailor-made, specialist training and training support materials.  We can offer research support and other forms of consultancy to organisations.  We also offer accredited therapists who can provide brief personal reformulation experiences to support professional and personal development.

A core feature of our work has been an annual intake each October of a cohort of over twenty to the CAT Practitioner Training, an in-service training course for mental health professionals in practising Cognitive Analytic Therapy.

We offer an ongoing programme of CPD events.  Other training courses are offered periodically, or can be commissioned.  These include CAT Skills training, supervisor training and short introductory training days on cognitive analytic therapy

Café CAT has been an open evening meeting with an emphasis on the practice of Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  This provided an informal way to be involved with Catalyse, and an opportunity for CAT colleagues in the north to connect and discuss issues of shared interest. It has paused since the COVID-19 pandemic but may recommence in time.

Consultancy projects have run across the north of England focusing on using CAT to train teams and developing this as a framework for relationally intelligent treatment alongside individual and group therapeutic work.

We provide Personal Reformulation experiences for trainee clinical psychologists, those completing CAT Skills training, and other professionals.

We produced a series of training films to help scaffold learning and training in CAT competences.  These are available to stream via a monthly or annual subscription.

Please direct any enquiries to frances@catalyse.uk.com