CAT Skills Training

CAT Skills Training

Catalyse delivers CAT Skills training courses, accredited by ACAT.  These are shorter in duration than its  two-year Practitioner Training, and are generally offered over a six month period.

CAT Skills training offers an introduction to basic skills in CAT for a range of professionals (e.g. psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, offender managers, therapists, counsellors or social workers working in prison, forensic or mental health forensic settings). It aims to enable core professionals with competence in their own mental health field to enhance their relational and therapeutic skills by using concepts and therapeutic skills derived from CAT.

Skills are developed through a combination of theory and skills training days, combined with supervised clinical work, a personal development therapy session (half-day), plus submission of two reflective pieces of writing on CAT ideas and methods.

Catalyse can also offer tailored in-house skills training to meet specific needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about CAT Skills training or components that could be offered to your specific team or service, please contact us.

Further information about CAT Skills training is available on the ACAT website: click here for more details.