Café CAT

Introducing Café CAT


Hashtag:  #CafeCatalyse

What is Café CAT?

Café CAT is an informal evening meeting which provides an opportunity for contact with CAT peers with a focus on exploring CAT-related topics or considering broader themes from a CAT perspective.  The Café was organised in response to conversations begun at the Projects Forum about running an evening CPD event.

We’ve now held four Café CAT events over 2017-8.  You can read more about these by clicking here to reach a page about past Cafe events.  Clive Turpin has also blogged about “The Story So Far” – click here to read Clive’s latest blog.

When and where is the next Café CAT meeting?

The first  Café CAT meeting of 2019 will be held on Wednesday 30th January 2019, between 6.15 pm and 8.15 pm.  This will be on the topic of Hope, and CAT practitioner Rhona Brown will start off the conversation.

We are trialling a new venue, upstairs at the Salutation Pub, 12 Higher Chatham Street, Manchester M15 6ED (details and directions available here).  Pub food will be available to buy until 9 pm.

Cost: £5 (payable on the night)

Download a flyer about the meeting by clicking on the link below.

Cafe CAT Jan 19 on Hope

What happens at a Café CAT meeting?

The format of Café CAT is similar to that developed by Cafe Psychologique, of an open conversation about a topic or theme.  What is slightly different is that the person opening will lead the session and hold the frame for the evening, similar to the skills lab approach adopted at the Projects Forum. There will be a brief introduction to the title/theme and encouragement from the group to share understanding, experience and knowledge whilst developing the conversation on the theme and issues that might arise.

Café CAT is an open event, but as we will be exploring different aspects of the model, a basic understanding of CAT would be beneficial.

We intend to run these events in other locations such as Sheffield and possibly North Manchester. If you are interested in leading an event and running it in your local area, let us know so we can support you in organising this.

Future titles are to be negotiated, but could include:

  • Establishing exits and incorporating healthy roles
  • My CAT, your CAT: Exploring difference within a shared framework
  • Whose letter is it? Reformulation and Goodbye letters, who do they belong to?

We hope that as Café CAT becomes more established, future sessions will be led by others from within the local CAT community.  We welcome your ideas, suggestions and offers! We can provide a small fee to facilitators for leading a discussion and could offer other administrative support if required.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  There’s no need to book a place; just come along on the night.

For further information, contact Frances Free or Café CAT lead, Clive Turpin, via this link.