CAT Training Films 2 ~ Working With Challenging Situations in CAT

Catalyse have produced a second series of training films ~ Working With Challenging Situations in Cognitive Analytic Therapy ~ which will be available to stream soon. They illustrate challenging situations that may be encountered in CAT therapy, to support reflection and debate about possible therapeutic responses. Over a series of five films they depict a range of difficulties that may arise, which include:

  • Working with Countertransference
  • Difficult Endings
  • Working With Self States
  • Strong Emotions Online, and
  • Alliance Rupture

In all the films both roles are played either by qualified therapists or actors with a good understanding of CAT. Each film is accompanied by supporting materials to use or adapt for training purposes.

We are grateful for Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Endowment Fund grant, which made this second series of films possible to begin. Additionally, we are grateful to the goodwill and enthusiasm of a number of local CAT therapists who volunteered to play roles as either therapist or client. The films were made with the guidance and technical expertise of Brickoven Media, and directed by Kathryn Pemberton.

For further information about the second series of Catalyse Films, please contact the Catalyse Films administrator, Jane Spain.