Welcome to Catalyse

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    Forthcoming: Two-day Supervision Training Workshop - 14/15 November 2019

You can find out more about Catalyse in the following pages.  Discover how and why it was set up,  who is involved, and what we provide.  Learn more about Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and why we think it’s worth promoting.  Learn about how CAT developed and the main ideas behind it.

Discover ways you can be involved with Catalyse.

Health Professionals

  • You can learn more about Cognitive Analytic Therapy by attending our continuing professional development (CPD) events.
  • You can get a first hand flavour of what Cognitive Analytic Therapy is like through having your own Personal Reformulation Experience.  This can be provided as part of your own personal and professional development (for example linked to CAT skills or clinical psychology training).
  • You can apply to train with us as a CAT Practitioner.  We accept applicants from a range of core professional backgrounds. Our two year programme of challenging but well-supported training is fully accredited by the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT).
  • You can come along to Café CAT, our evening open CPD forum, to help you keep your local CAT networks alive and healthy,  through reciprocal support, sharing ideas  and practising skills together with CAT colleagues in the north.
  • Through attending our regular CPD events and Café CAT, or engaging in supervision with one of our ACAT-accredited supervisors, you can continue to develop CAT skills whilst fulfilling CPD requirements for your professional accreditation (eg ACAT and HCPC).

Service Leads, Managers & Commissioners

Members of the Public

  • You can learn more about Cognitive Analytic Therapy and stay informed about new developments.
  • You can help shape our thinking, our training and other activities by adding your views and perspectives on CAT.