Projects Forum: 2011 – 2017

Catalyse Projects Forum & Skills Lab


What was the Projects Forum?

The Catalyse Projects Forum was originally set up in 2011.  It functioned as an ‘open door’ for any qualified CAT therapists in the north who had ideas which could be helpfully nurtured with a group of core active Forum members.  It met on a biannual basis in Manchester, up until its last meeting in May 2017.

We welcomed anyone with tentative ideas or innovations which the group could help and support to develop. The Forum acted as an incubator and container for ideas volunteered by anyone wanting to offer something new under the umbrella of CAT.

The Forum offered a space to reflect on and develop such ideas which could then be facilitated through Catalyse into training events. The Forum was used to develop numerous CPD events.

The Forum was also been a platform to develop Personal Reformulations, which are offered to a number of Universities for Clinical Psychology trainees, and to people completing CAT Skills training.

Additionally, the Forum

  • Promoted sharing of good practice
  • Nurtured consultancy opportunities
  • Explored adapting group CAT in different settings
  • Created a model for private practice (Sheffield)
  • Encouraged and supported symposia and research proposals
  • Shared different ways of adapting the CAT model to meet different needs and applied in a wide variety of settings

Skills Lab Hour

Our meetings since 2015 also included a one-hour “Skills Lab” which was an opportunity to share and practice skills relevant to CAT practice with peers.  You can read more about the ideas behind the Skills Lab at the blog here.

Topics  included:-

Want to get involved in the future?

There are lots of other ways to be involved with Catalyse.  Click here for some more ways you can participate and connect with Catalyse and cognitive analytic therapy networks in the north.