Projects Forum 19-May-2017

The Catalyse Projects Forum has been running for several years now, and has met twice a year since 2015.  It’s offered a welcome to any qualified CAT practitioners or psychotherapists interested in attending.  Its  aims have been to provide a space where CAT therapists in the north can:

  • Explore how to become more actively involved with Catalyse
  • Obtain support in developing ideas for innovative applications of CAT
  • Work up ideas for CPD events
  • Practise skills relevant to cognitive analytic therapy with colleagues in our ‘Skills Lab’ hour

More information about the Projects Forum is available here.

The meeting on 19th May 2017 will run from 10 am to 1 pm at GMCVO in Manchester.   It will be the last one in its present form, but we hope to develop a regular evening event which combines the Skills Lab approach alongside more open discussion similar to the approach pioneered by Cafe Psychologique.

As this will be the final Projects Forum meeting, will be reflecting on the Projects Forum as a project in itself.  We would welcome your thoughts and personal reflections on the day, and you can share feedback by  other means  if you can’t attend but would like to contribute in some way.

There will be another opportunity to discuss any potential CPD or other projects you may be considering which you would like some other thoughts or possible support with.

In this final Skills Lab, Cheryl and Clive will lead a session on skills for writing goodbye letters in CAT.  They will draw upon guidance for clients’ ending letters, developed by Steve Kellett & Corrie Stockton.  They’ll also share their own research into this area, and their own approach and practice when composing letters  at the conclusion of therapy.

Lunch is provided after the meeting and if you want to attend please let us know as soon as possible so that we can ensure you are catered for.