Stephen Kellett

SKcropI am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS (RDASH NHS Foundation Trust) working in an in-patient setting and I am also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield.  I have worked in the NHS for many years in therapy services, training, supervision and senior management.

After completing my core CAT training in Manchester I have since qualified as a CAT psychotherapist. I am a trainer for the Catalyse/CAT North CAT Practitioner Training course and teach on CAT training courses around the country.  

I strive to increase the evidence base for CAT.  Current research includes conducting:

  • a large patient preference randomised controlled trial of psychoeducational CAT for anxiety in Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • a pilot and feasibility study of integrating repertory grids into the reformulation and ending process in the Manchester Specialist Psychotherapy Service.  
  • a meta analysis of idiographic change during CAT

Clinically, my real interest centres on helping people with long-standing interpersonal problems with the CAT model and approach and helping systems to work better around the service user using a CAT consultancy approach.



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