Lawrence Welch

Lawrence WelchI worked as a Consultant Psychotherapist since 2009 in the North Tyneside Psychological Therapies Service until I was made redundant in 2014.   I began my career running a community for people recpovering from drug addiction before training as a social worker in the early 80’s. While working as a social worker in a Community Mental Health Team in Westminster, I trained as a psychotherapist at the University of Warwick where I  first met Dr A Ryle, the founder of Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  After completing my CAT training in 1990 I became a Founder Member of ACAT and had roles as Vice-Chair, Training Division Chair and UKCP representative in the nineties. I moved to Leeds in 1990 to run Information for Mental Health and also worked as a psychotherapist at the Retreat Hospital in York before moving to the Leeds Community Mental Health Trust as a psychotherapist. I helped establish CAT North with Glenys Parry in 1991 and the Inter-Regional ACAT Residential Psychotherapy Training with Hilary Beard in the late 90’s. From 2002 I researched the reliability and validity of reformulations and the process of writing them, for which I was awarded a PhD in 2010.

I am currently working as a CAT supervisor and trainer and also offer private psychotherapy in Durham/the North East.


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