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In addition to providing a two-year Practitioner level training course, Catalyse provides a range of one-off training workshops.  These aim to support skills development in people training in CAT, and enable the continuing professional development of qualified CAT practitioners and psychotherapists.

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CPD Event Suggestions and Proposals

We welcome suggestions for new training events, and requests for repeat events.   If you have a proposal for a CPD event which you would like to facilitate, either on your own or together with a Catalyse colleague, you can contact us to discuss, or submit ideas using the form below. Our CPD Lead Karen Shannon can help you develop your ideas, and the Catalyse administrator Frances Free can provide support with  administration, advertising and organisation.


CAT Skills Training

Catalyse also offers CAT Skills training courses.  These are usually 6 months in duration and aim to enable core professionals with competence in their own mental health field to enhance their relational and therapeutic skills by using concepts and therapeutic skills derived from CAT.

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