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Introduce Yourself to CAT

Are you looking to learn the basics about Cognitive Analytic Therapy? Perhaps you’re tempted to explore the model to find out whether CAT and you are a good ‘fit’ for your practice going forward. Maybe you’ve already had exposure to CAT through supervision or team-based work. You may want some extra focussed practice opportunities and theoretical scaffolding to build on what you already know. Or perhaps you’ve decided that training as a CAT Practitioner is your next step, but you haven’t yet attended a two-day introduction.

Whatever your motivation, you’re welcome to attend our next two-day introductory workshop. This takes place face-to-face in Manchester on 3rd and 4th July 2024. The workshop will be led by one of our experienced trainers, Sarah Littlejohn. Through a combination of brief theoretical presentations, video material and experiential exercises, Sarah will guide you through the model, its applications, its tools and techniques. You’ll have an opportunity to become familiar with key CAT concepts such as reciprocal roles, procedures and enactments. You can practise mapping and writing in small groups or pairs.

These days also provide a chance to view scenarios from the CAT Training Films (series 1). Catalyse developed this series of films, depicting the process of a fictional therapy. The story of ‘Paul and Lisa’ is embedded throughout our Practitioner Training course.

We hope that this introduction to CAT helps you move forward in your practice. Past participants have rated previous runs very positively. You can read some of the comments and feedback on the event page, and decide whether you want to introduce yourself to CAT, while Sarah introduces CAT to you, in July.

Find out more and book a place by clicking on this link: An Introduction to CAT

Containing Distress to Help Manage Risk

We’re really pleased that David Harvey is running another day on CAT and Safety: Containing Distress to Manage Risk on 14 May 2024 in Manchester. David has adapted the original day he and Jenny Marshall facilitated in Leeds last September, so that it caters more specifically for professionals already familiar with CAT. This of course includes CAT practitioners and psychotherapists , whether qualified or in training. David also welcomes other professionals with some existing familiarity with CAT, from a wide range of settings.

Whether you’re working in mental health, forensic, social care, child protection or multiple and complex needs settings, if you want to use CAT to help consider and manage risk, this workshop may be very relevant. David brings a wealth of ideas and experience around organisational consultancy and leadership. So the day will include consideration of ways in which CAT may be used as a consultancy approach supporting teams and staff, in addition to skills for more direct work using CAT concepts.

Together with Jenny Marshall, David agreed to be interviewed for a blog prior to last year’s event. This gives more of a flavour of the thinking behind both the original and adapted day. You can read it at this link: Reflecting On Risk To Others.

Fnd out more and book on to CAT and Safety on 14 May by clicking on this link: CAT and Safety: Containing Distress to Manage Risk

Wordcloud image showing feedback from the last Catalyse Practitioner Trainee cohort on their last day of teaching, in greens, blue and black

Applications to the 2024 CAT Practitioner Training are now open

Do you wish to apply to train with us as a Cognitive Analytic Therapy Practitioner in 2024? Then be aware that the course is now open to applications. The deadline this year falls on Friday 31st May, and interviews will be held on Friday 28th June. All the details you’ll need are available on the course page or in the downloads included there. You’ll find the page at this link: 2024 ~ 2026 Practitioner Training.

In addition to welcoming applications from those applying through the usual funding routes, 2024 is our second year as an approved provider delivering the NHS England (NHSE) national curriculum CAT Practitioner training. Those not seeking NHSE funding can apply at any time between now and the end of May.

If you are interested in applying through the NHS England (NHSE) funding route, you’ll need to observe a number of requirements and time points in the process

  1. You will meet the usual entry criteria for the course.
  2. You will have a role in community services with adults (including older adults) with complex relational problems and adverse childhood experience. Typically your client group will be likely to meet criteria for a diagnosis of ‘Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder.’
  3. Your NHS employer will be situated in the North West or Midlands areas.
  4. Your application must be supported by your employing NHS Trust’s Chief Psychological Professions Officer (CPPO) and/or have approval of your NHSE Workforce, Training & Education regional lead.
  5. Please note that central NHSE funding decisions will not be made until April 2024. We therefore cannot tell you as yet how many NHSE funded places are available for the 2024 intake. However we will post updates as soon as we can at the dedicated page for NHSE-funded applications. If you are interested in this route therefore please liaise after this date with your CPPO and/ or contact your NHSE Workforce, Training & Education regional lead.

We hope that the information we’ve provided through our pages and downloads answers all your queries at this early stage. As a small and busy organisation, our administrative team may not be able to respond to additional enquiries.

Finally you may be curious about the image we’ve used to on this blog and the course page. It represents a selection of comments shared by trainees from our 2021 intake on their last day of course teaching. The final two-day residential included reflection on ending the taught part of the course. You can see the whole wordcloud image below (with thanks all who gave permission for their feedback to be used to help promote the training.)

We look forward to receiving your applications by the end of May.

Wordcloud image showing feedback from the last Catalyse Practitioner Trainee cohort on their last day of teaching, in greens, blue and black

Coming soon – CAT Practitioner Training for 2024 Intake

We’ll be adding details about the next intake for our CAT Practitioner Training, commencing October 2024, to the site very soon. Everything you need to know will be there, including the process for people hoping to apply through the NHS England (NHSE) funding route. If you want to receive an email alert about this, then contact us so that we can add you to our mailing list for this and other Catalyse news and events.