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Survey Time – CAT Training Films

Have you subscribed to the first series of Catalyse CAT Training Films? Or has your training course arranged for you to access them like we do on the Catalyse Practitioner Training course? We would love to hear how you’ve found them now that they’ve been in circulation for nearly four years. We’ve therefore launched a second survey to gather feedback about the films, and supporting materials that accompany them, to help us evaluate their impact. 

In fact there are two surveys. One is for trainers – for example if you’ve subscribed for any length of time (or if your Trust or course has subscribed) and used them as part of teaching or training you’ve conducted. This could include lectures, seminars, courses or other events.

Complete the Trainers’ survey here

The other is for those who have seen the films as learners. This would include you if you’ve subscribed as an individual for your own learning purposes, or if you’ve seen the films when shared by your course or service trainers as part of a learning experience.

Complete the Learners’ survey here

Each survey should just take a few minutes of your time. Both are anonymous, and we ask that you don’t leave personally identifying information. 

If, as a trainer, you’re aware of any more learners who have viewed the films but may not hear about the survey, you can help us even more by sharing with them this invitation, or the pdf flier below.

Please visit one or other survey as soon as you like. We will close it and collate the final results at the end of September.

Many thanks – we look forward to reading your comments.

For more information about the first set of films, you can see the dedicated CAT Training Films – Series 1′ page at this link.

New CAT Training Films Fliers

Curious about the Catalyse Training Films? Including the new set soon to be available? Then read on…..

You might already be familiar with the first series of films, released in September 2020. Catalyse Practitioner course trainees have access to these to supplement the first year of their training. To date a further three Practitioner level training courses have subscribed too. Additionally, a CAT Skills course, three D Clin Psych courses, and an NHS Trust have taken out subscriptions. We didn’t anticipate that individuals would sign up to them but have found that some do. We hope to launch a second survey of trainer and learner experience about using the films. If you’ve made use of them, do look out for this opportunity to feed back in the next few months.

A second set of films, on Advanced Skills in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, is inching closer to release. This series of five films illustrate a range of challenging clinical situations in CAT, requiring skilled therapist responses. The films themselves are complete, thanks to the efforts of director Kathryn Pemberton, other Catalyse colleagues involved in developing the materials, and a host of mainly volunteer CAT therapists who played roles of both therapists and clients. The image featured above shows Catalyse graduates Kelly Savery and Sam Hartley having a relaxed moment between takes.

The project was enabled by a grant from Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Endowment Fund. This helped us enlist the excellent technical and creative skills of Brickoven Media. We are currently working on the supporting materials and hope to make this package available soon.

In the meantime, and in time for ICATA’s conference in Helsinki between 15 and 17 June, we’ve produced some updated fliers to share. Feel free to print these off and share them in your networks, services and courses.