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CAT Practitioner Training 2023 – Recruitment Update

Sarah Littlejohn and the recruitment team extend a big thankyou to everyone who expressed interest in this year’s intake for our CAT Practitioner training course. We had a very high number of applicants this year and they have been of an extremely high standard.

We’ve now sent offers out, and have a reserve list, for the October 2023 intake. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to offer a place to all those who were suitable.

Likewise, unfortunately this year we have not been able to offer an interview to all of those who applied. We expect it’s unlikely that there will be spare places remaining. However if we find that there are, then we may approach those not yet interviewed to ask if they’d still like to be considered.

Our current plan is to continue to run the course annually. So if you’ve been disappointed this year, we’d be pleased to welcome your application for the October 2024 cohort. For those candidates seeking NHS England funding for their training, this will be available next year too. Further good news is that we understand there will be a greater number of places available through NHSE in 2024. Details will be released in good time for the next cohort.

Still time to book: Gaining Ground 30 June 23

In case you’ve missed this opportunity, there’s still time to book in for this mini-conference style CPD day which has been led by trainee/graduating CAT practitioners from our 2021 intake. It’s a packed programme of offers, including several from clinicians in a liminal period as they complete the final parts of their their training and head towards qualification.

Several have stepped forward to present on work produced for year two written assignments. In these they weave CAT theory with contemporary clinical practice. The day includes live presentations plus posters. Topics include neurodivergence, race, physical health, masculinity, CAMHS services and integration of CAT with EMDR. In addition, there will be a feature on the new series of training films on Advanced Skills in Cognitive Analytic Therapy. We’ll be sharing and seeking feedback on a new tool in development for scaffolding conversations about the Social Self.

We’re also really pleased that ACAT’s Vice Chair for Supervisor Training, Yvonne Stevens, is attending the day in person. Yvonne aims to engage and inform on this important next step which supports the development of CAT going forward. Stephen Kellett is also attending to tell us about latest research developments and opportunities.

So it’s not just a day of looking back over achievements to date, but also an opportunity to look ahead to the future, beyond qualifying as a CAT Practitioner. So far we have a mix of trainees and more seasoned clinicians attending, and all are welcome. We’d love to see a whole range of attendees, from the CAT curious through to senior clinicians and service leads. In short, anyone who wants to learn about, support and celebrate CAT training in the north.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity with their time, we are running the day at cost. We hope this makes it affordable and accessible. There is a reduced fee of £40 for practitioner trainees from any course, and just £50 for others.

You can see full details of the programme and options for booking at the event page at this link.

Finally, acknowledgements and gratitude. We wanted to thank artist Brenda Mallon who offered her beautiful artwork as part of the event promotion. Its suggestion of geological forms, perhaps even crystals and gems, forming a basis for building and “gaining ground”, helped us arrive at a title for the day. We’d also like to thank all contributors who are listed on the programme below, for their enthusiasm and generosity. Thanks go also to Jo Qurashi, who has helped to co-ordinate contributions throughout.

New CAT Training Films Fliers

Curious about the Catalyse Training Films? Including the new set soon to be available? Then read on…..

You might already be familiar with the first series of films, released in September 2020. Catalyse Practitioner course trainees have access to these to supplement the first year of their training. To date a further three Practitioner level training courses have subscribed too. Additionally, a CAT Skills course, three D Clin Psych courses, and an NHS Trust have taken out subscriptions. We didn’t anticipate that individuals would sign up to them but have found that some do. We hope to launch a second survey of trainer and learner experience about using the films. If you’ve made use of them, do look out for this opportunity to feed back in the next few months.

A second set of films, on Advanced Skills in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, is inching closer to release. This series of five films illustrate a range of challenging clinical situations in CAT, requiring skilled therapist responses. The films themselves are complete, thanks to the efforts of director Kathryn Pemberton, other Catalyse colleagues involved in developing the materials, and a host of mainly volunteer CAT therapists who played roles of both therapists and clients. The image featured above shows Catalyse graduates Kelly Savery and Sam Hartley having a relaxed moment between takes.

The project was enabled by a grant from Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Endowment Fund. This helped us enlist the excellent technical and creative skills of Brickoven Media. We are currently working on the supporting materials and hope to make this package available soon.

In the meantime, and in time for ICATA’s conference in Helsinki between 15 and 17 June, we’ve produced some updated fliers to share. Feel free to print these off and share them in your networks, services and courses.

Update on 2023 NHSE funding for Practitioner Training

Please see our page below outlining current information for applicants to our 2023 intake for CAT Practitioner training who are seeking funding from NHS England. We will update information on the site as soon as we can. In the meantime we regret that we may not be able to respond directly to the many enquiries we’re receiving.