CAT Practitioner Training 2023 – Recruitment Update

Sarah Littlejohn and the recruitment team extend a big thankyou to everyone who expressed interest in this year’s intake for our CAT Practitioner training course. We had a very high number of applicants this year and they have been of an extremely high standard.

We’ve now sent offers out, and have a reserve list, for the October 2023 intake. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to offer a place to all those who were suitable.

Likewise, unfortunately this year we have not been able to offer an interview to all of those who applied. We expect it’s unlikely that there will be spare places remaining. However if we find that there are, then we may approach those not yet interviewed to ask if they’d still like to be considered.

Our current plan is to continue to run the course annually. So if you’ve been disappointed this year, we’d be pleased to welcome your application for the October 2024 cohort. For those candidates seeking NHS England funding for their training, this will be available next year too. Further good news is that we understand there will be a greater number of places available through NHSE in 2024. Details will be released in good time for the next cohort.