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Getting Meta: Reflecting on the Projects Forum as a Project

We hope that CAT practitioners and psychotherapists in the north will join us at the  the next Projects Forum meeting on 19th May at GMCVO in Manchester.  The meeting will start at 10 am and will provide a space to consider any projects and CPD events you’d like support with.  It will also be an opportunity to reflect on the Projects Forum meetings to date as a project in their own right, as this will be the final meeting in its current form.

We hope to continue to provide an open door for CAT practitioners and psychotherapists in the north to be involved with Catalyse, consider CPD issues together and keep up contact with colleagues.  We’re looking into other ways we can help facilitate this in the future and would welcome your ideas.

In the meantime this last Projects Forum will also include an hour’s Skills Lab with the theme of goodbye lettersCheryl Delisser and Clive Turpin will share their own research, approach and practice for composing ending letters in CAT.  They will also refer to guidelines, drawn up by Steve Kellett & Corrie Stockton, to help clients write ending letters.

Please contact us to confirm if you can come, and if you can stay to share an ending lunch at 1.00 pm to thank you for your involvement and support of the Projects Forum over the years.