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Need to Know More About CAT Practitioner Training?

Applications are now open for this year’s intake for our two year Practitioner Training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  This year we have had a record number of queries and applications ahead of the deadline on Friday 8 May 2020.

Full details about the training and application process can be found by following the link here.  This year we also include a more extended FAQs document.  This is based on discussions between new trainees and qualified graduates of the course.  Hopefully this will answer some more of the common questions posed as people consider applying for the course.

It covers a range of areas such as co-ordinating the timing and sequencing of different aspects of the training,  Managing the workload in the context of other demands is a common concern,  and some experiences and tips are provided.  Take a look at this alongside the course information provided at this link.

Obviously if there are other queries do feel free to get in touch. The Catalyse Adminstrator Frances Free may be able to advise you, or can pass your queries on to Sarah Littlejohn, Director for Recruitment, or Dawn Bennett, Course Director.

Find out more about Practitioner Training FAQ’s by clicking across to this page where you can read more and download the document.