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Your Help is Needed: 2017 CPD Poll

Catalyse runs a number of CPD events for qualified cognitive analytic therapy practitioners and psychotherapists, and others interested in learning more about cognitive analytic therapy.  We’re delighted to receive regular suggestions from colleagues about possible topics for these events.  However we need your help in working out which are most likely to attract sufficient interest in order that they can be run as events. We are trialling the use of a private Doodle poll to help us do this and would appreciate your help. The Doodle poll, via http://doodle.com/poll/ydcbz9bskc9d6zqc runs from now until 20th September 2016.  This lists a number of possible events for 2017 and asks you to provide your name, plus an indication of which events you’d be interested in attending AND are likely to obtain time and/or funding in order to do so.  Your name, choices, and any comments you leave will not be displayed publicly, but will be visible to the Catalyse administrator Frances Free, and Rhona Brown, who looks after our website and social media.  If you’re not happy to leave your name, you can complete the poll anonymously by giving initials only, or a pseudonym.  If you’re not already on our list of Catalyse contacts, but would like to be informed of these or other events in the future, then please contact Frances Free to provide her with your details.  Many thanks for your help!