CAT as a Tool for Leadership ~ 30 September 2020

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CAT as a Tool for Leadership

A one day online workshop led by David Harvey, Cognitive Analytic Therapist and Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Event Hashtag:  #CATlead20

Date: Wednesday 30th September 2020 (re-scheduled date)
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Venue:  Online training workshop via Zoom
Fees:  ACAT member :: £125.00
non-ACAT member :: £140.00

Overview of workshop:

This one day workshop introduced participants to the CAT understanding of trauma (using the Multiple Self States Model) with a view to applying this as a tool for leadership with systems and teams.  It used cognitive analytic therapy ideas to conceptualise the overwhelming challenges that teams face when working with people with complex presentations and high levels of risk.  The day explored and shared applications of the model to help guide action and leadership in such contexts.

Aims and learning outcomes:

Participants had an opportunity to:

  • consider how teams and systems respond to emotional and organisational pressures in ways that inadvertently mirror trauma responses
  • explore how ‘traumatised system behaviour’ can disrupt effective team working, block pathways through services, delay discharge, impair coordinated care and threaten partnership and multi-agency working
  • apply the CAT model of trauma to conceptualise these system problems, generate responses that minimise their impact, and so improve service user care and public protection
  •  consider how staff and team care can be enhanced by using this model.

Who was it for?
This event was relevant for all professionals tasked with leading or influencing other colleagues, teams or systems supporting service users with complex needs and/or high risks. 

David Harvey  David is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Analytic Therapy Practitioner working in forensic inpatient and community services in Yorkshire. He has worked for fifteen years in services supporting people with complex mental health needs, who may pose a risk of harm to others or themselves.  This includes work with the NHS, Probation, Courts, Children’s Services and Prisons.

He has a particular interest in how clinical presentations that challenge services, such as those likely to attract  diagnosis of ‘Personality Disorder’, can disrupt effective working and proportionate risk management by professionals, services and organisations having to manage their own powerful emotional reactions to the work. David has become increasingly attracted to the idea that the application of psychological theory, including CAT, outside of the therapy room may be one way in which the multiple and complex needs of many stakeholders can be considered and carefully balanced.

He has taught on these subjects for local postgraduate courses. This training day builds upon his stimulating and well-received workshop at the Catalyse 25 Years Celebratory Conference in 2019.

This workshop was held online via Zoom.