Therapy & Coaching



CAT is offered in a wide number of NHS services around the north of England.  Individual and group therapy is available in a variety of combinations.  If you are looking for more information about CAT to help you decide whether or not it could help you, more information can be found at ACAT’s public engagement site at

Catalyse does not currently provide therapy service.  In the past, we established an independent specialist CAT therapy service, Catalyse Sheffield’s Psychotherapy Practice  which ran successfully for 6 years on a non-profit basis.  This service closed in August 2021 and is no longer taking referrals.


CAT offers a rich and integrative framework for psychological coaching for personal and professional development for individuals, teams and for those in leadership roles. CAT-based coaching may be useful for a range of professionals, for example for managers seeking executive coaching, or musicians and performers seeking performance coaching.  You may be feeling overwhelmed, ineffective, or blocked; you may simply feel you are not reaching your potential.  Through CAT-based coaching you can learn to solve problems, replace ineffective habits and develop new skills in a way that fosters your creativity and the enjoyment of your role.

Using cognitive analytic principles and individually-tailored formulation, CAT coaches can help you reach your full potential as a manager or a performer, to meet the unique challenges of these roles.

A coaching service is not currently offered by Catalyse but may be considered on a project basis.   For more information, please contact us.