Therapy & Coaching



CAT is offered in a wide number of specialist and primary care NHS services around the north of England.  Individual and group therapy is available in a variety of combinations.  If you are looking for more information about CAT to help you decide whether or not it could help you, more information can be found on these pages on ACAT’s site.

Catalyse has helped to establish an independent specialist CAT therapy service, Catalyse Sheffield’s Psychotherapy Practice.   There is further information on their website about what it’s like to engage in CAT therapy, here.   For further information or details on how to refer, please contact

Personal Reformulations

Catalyse offers a variety of ways of using CAT methods for brief psychotherapeutic help, personal development and reflection. These fit under the general title of personal reformulations (previously known as mini therapies) and include brief single session opportunities to re-think and reformulate overall patterns of working and relating to others. For further information click here.


CAT offers a rich and integrative framework for psychological coaching for personal and professional development for individuals, teams and for those in leadership roles. CAT is particularly useful for executive coaching for managers and performance coaching for musicians and performers generally.

Using cognitive analytic principles and individually-tailored formulation, our experienced coaches can help you reach your full potential as a manager or a performer, to meet the unique challenges of these roles.  You may be feeling overwhelmed, ineffective, or blocked; you may simply feel you are not reaching your potential.  Through CAT-based coaching you can learn to solve problems, replace ineffective habits and develop new skills in a way that fosters your creativity and the enjoyment of your role.

For more information, please contact us stating if you are interested in management or performance coaching.