Marisol Cavieres

Picture of Marisol CavieresMy roles are as a CAT practitioner, supervisor and trainer. I’m one of the lead trainers and year tutor for the CAT Practitioner Course based in Manchester, and co-director of the national CAT skills certificate course, “Working with Complex Clients in Adult Mental Health and Forensic Settings”.

My professional background is clinical psychology. I’ve worked in a range of NHS services both in community and inpatient settings (acute mental health and forensics) in the UK and New Zealand. I now live in Wiltshire, where I have an independent practice, offering therapy and supervision via SKYPE. My clinical areas of interest are working with adults with a variety of mental health difficulties, including personality difficulties, and also using briefer CAT with a coaching focus to assist people with personal development goals and to enhance personal growth in the absence of a specified problem.

Areas of interest in CAT training are to mental health professionals offering therapy with clients, and training multidisciplinary staff teams, with a focus on using the here-and-now reformulatory tools of CAT mapping to assist with assessment, formulation and the development of collaborative relationally based management and care plans.

I am a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and am registered as a practitioner psychologist with the Health & Care Professions Council.


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